Safe from the storm

September 16, 2008

My niece Melissa took these photos with her cell-phone camera at her house in Houston after Hurricane Ike roared through. They were jarred awake by a tree falling on their house, cutting it in half from front to back across the dining room and living room. Ten feet to the left, and the tree would have taken out all the bedrooms. They stayed together in the hallway until the eye moved over them, then made it to a neighbor’s house, where they rode out the rest of the storm. My brother tells me all are well and in good spirits, and Melissa and family are looking forward to putting their house back together. “Those grandkids will have stories to tell for the rest of their lives — ‘Well, I remember Hurricane Ike, and let me tell you . . .’ ” Come on, Larry, we’re talkin’ Texas here. That should be, “And, boy, I tell you whut . . .”


4 Responses to “Safe from the storm”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Damn, that was TOO close.
    Glad everyone is OK.


  2. Larry Morris Says:

    Yes, yes, I know, … I said it that way for a reason. Believe it or not, really young kids, like the set of grandkids that live down here, even the ones that were born down here, don’t say that and, I hate to say, may grow up never saying it. My kids, and generally people their age (early 30’s and later), still do use that phrase – but the next couple of generations down, say 20’s and below, have thrown that phrase out the window – have they no respect ? Well, buddy, I’ll tell you whut, …

  3. Leo Morris Says:

    I’m here just fixin’ to get ready to lament the loss of a colorful expreshun.

  4. Larry Morris Says:

    Whut ?

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