Can’t believe it wasn’t butter

September 17, 2008

Today’s bachelor-cooking quiz: If you’ve already put the ear of corn in the boiling water before you discover that you’re out of butter, how do you save the meal?

Answer: Butter-flavored Pam cooking spray — just a hint. It gave the corn a light, buttery taste and gave the salt something to cling to.

I mean, it would have given the corn that taste and the salt something to cling to, had I actually been stupid enough to get myself in that predicament.


4 Responses to “Can’t believe it wasn’t butter”

  1. CED Says:

    Never, never put corn in boiling water. Clean the ears, salt and pepper them (or use what seasoning you prefer), butter them (or use Pam, as per the posting), wrap in waxed paper, then microwave them approximately 3 minutes per ear. Now we’re talking delicious corn, with virtually all the nutients intact, besides.

  2. gadfly Says:

    The good news is that you reduce your fat intake by 11 grams and calories by 97.

    The bad news is that there is no way that butter flavored PAM tastes as good as real melted butter.

  3. Larry Morris Says:

    We’ve been using the microwave for corm for a couple of years now – works great, corn comes out perfect and FAST – but I wouldn’t even start without real butter, …

  4. Bob G. Says:

    …Sounds like “bachelor cooking” to me!

    Next time, just ring me up…seriously.
    Remember the one rule of Chef Gordon Ramsay:
    KEEP IT SIMPLE (and that means have butter nearby)


    (pass the sauvignon)

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