Time warp

September 22, 2008

Jill Long Thompson thinks she has a winning issue, so add her to the list of people who just won’t let the time zone and DST issues die:

She has proposed having two nonbinding referendums. One would ask voters what time zone Indiana should be in, and the other would ask whether the state should observe daylight time. The statewide votes would give lawmakers and the governor guidance on how to pursue the time issue, she said.

How often are we going to have to keep going over this? When it comes to time zones, voter opinion doesn’t matter a lot except to provide evidence of economic interests. The federal government sets the time zones based on a national plan. We border on two times zones, and various parts of the state have closer ties to one or the other of them, so talk of a single time zone is just stupid. Before the changes were made, Indiana’s time situation was a confusing maze. Now it is a slightly less confusing maze. There is evidence that citizen opposition has faded. A new poll cited in the story says 48 percent to 36 percent think DST has been good for Indiana. Even if you subract the 5 percent margin of error from the 48 percent and add 5 percent to the 36, DST still wins.


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