Fat attack

September 23, 2008

Further evidence that I might have been spirited away to a different universe in my sleep:

Last week one of our colleagues from the San Francisco Bay area
brought to our attention billboards being erected in the area as
part of Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive ad campaign. These billboards
boldly state, “Beat Obesity With A Stick”. The background which was
very difficult to see, especially from a distance, turned out to be
sticks of celery.

Many of us in the size acceptance community have been physically and
verbally abused simply because we are fat and are appalled at what
appears at first glance to be encouraging violence against fat
people. People from NAAFA, ASDAH, fat studies and SMTD groups all
rose to the occasion and began to research the best course of action
in addressing this situation. There are some well positioned people
within our community who knew who to speak with regarding this
matter and letters and phone calls have gone out objecting to these

Ah, the “size acceptance community.” Sorry, I’m not a member. A small percentage of the obese community are that way because of medical issues or genetic predisposition. If your are not among that minority, use your mouth for two things: 1) Stop taking in so much food and, 2) Stop your whining.


One Response to “Fat attack”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Bravo, Leo…well spoken!

    And as to the “spirited away while asleep” gig…I’ve thought much the same way for decades!

    Welcome to BIZARRO WORLD…where everything has suddenly become bass-ackwards!



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