In service to history

September 26, 2008

I’ve always thought it would be a nightmare to live in a historic preservation district where you have to get permission from the governing board of busybodies before you even paint your house. And heaven forbid there should be an emergency:

MADISON, Ind. – A preservationist in this historic Ohio River town is worried that homeowners repairing damage from a recent windstorm might alter their home’s historic character.

Madison Historic Board member Rich Murray asked the board Monday to consider weekly meetings for the next six weeks to handle what he predicted would be a wave of applications from people seeking to repair homes damaged in the Sept. 14 windstorm.

Wind damage was reported throughout Madison’s National Historic Landmark district, which encompasses the downtown area of the city about 40 miles northeast of Louisville, Ky.

Historic Board chairman Tony Hertz told Murray that a property owner does not have to get the board’s approval if repairs are made using the same materials and the appearance is not changed.

History must be served! The rules must be followed! You must obey! And the official language will be Swedish! Silence!


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