Hoosier toss-up

September 29, 2008

NBC’s political blog, in noting the shift to Obama in recent polls, says Indiana is probably “the surprise of the cycle”:

The most surprising move in our map is Indiana, a state that no one believed was a new battleground — even when Obama’s team was first laying out its 25-30 state strategy. Indiana, in fact, is probably the surprise of the cycle. It’s a state that probably is somewhere BETWEEN Lean McCain and Toss-up, but because the state’s poll numbers look more like a Toss-up state than a Lean McCain state, we’re tipping it into the Toss-up category for now, especially since the RNC has decided to ad the state to its TV buy list.

What a year. Just weeks from the election, and both candidates are buying TV ads in the state. The blog also notes that McCain seems to do his best when he’s in trouble, so expect it to get even wilder from now on.


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