We gotta be us

October 1, 2008

Vice presidential candidates unleashed! Go get ’em, Joe:

David Wade, Biden’s spokesman, defended his boss’s “straight talk,” adding: “Unlike other campaigns that sequester running mates, we’ll proudly continue to unleash Joe Biden to be Joe Biden.”

Obama himself has defended Biden, telling NBC last week, “I am very proud of the choice that I made.”

And, give ’em hell, Sarah:

Conservatives are calling on the McCain campaign to stop keeping Gov. Sarah Palin under wraps as the Republican vice presidential nominee continues intense preparations for her debate with Democratic rival Sen. Joe Biden.

Some conservatives were bombarding the campaign with complaints that it is not allowing Palin to be herself on the campaign trail and in the debate, sources within the McCain camp told CNN.

If Joe is going to be Joe, and Sarah is going to be Sarah, is it OK if I be me? But if anyone else wants the job, I’m open to any reasonable offer.


3 Responses to “We gotta be us”

  1. Larry Morris Says:

    Nope, Leo, you’re stuck being you, …

  2. Bob G. Says:

    Yeah, Larry’s right.
    I mean who spends more tme with YOU…than YOU anyway?


  3. Leo Morris Says:

    But, frankly, sometimes I get sick of myself.

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