In the tank

October 8, 2008

Not to be outdone by members of Congress, who are trying to break into double-digit approval ratings by grilling greedy Wall Street tycoons, some members of the General Assembly are vowing to “get answers” at a hearing on Indiana gasoline prices. The Richmond Palladium-Item is not amused:

Today’s hearing represents a “your-tax-dollars-at-work” opportunity for politicians of both parties to try to revive flagging campaigns by trying to revive long-ago-discredited ideas for suspending the state’s sales tax on gasoline.

But the Muncie Star Press goes into full “situation deplorable” mode:

Across Indiana the price varied from the $3.04 in Avon to a high of $4.09 in Decatur.

Indiana residents are understandably confused and outraged, which is not helped by the fact gasoline distributors are unwilling to explain how gasoline is priced, let alone the wide variation.

[. . .]

Hoosier drivers deserve some answers. Let’s hope they get some.

Have you noticed the price dropping, by the way? I saw gas was $3.41 a gallon on the way home last night. In any other news climate, that would have been on Page 1 of both newspapers and led the newscasts. Won’t last, probably. Deplorable.


One Response to “In the tank”

  1. Sue Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we think we’re getting a bargain on gas that has DROPPED ALL THE WAY DOWN to $3.41 a gallon?

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