Regional politics

October 8, 2008

“Scary” doesn’t begin to do the possibility justice:

Imagine this scenario.

[. . .]

Since the national election isn’t a blowout, it becomes clear each candidate needs Indiana’s 11 electoral votes to get to 270.

Now I have two words for you: Lake County.

Imagine that the nation’s election for president hinges on whether that Northwest Indiana political madhouse conducts an election the rest of the country can trust.

I lived in The Region for eight years, and northwest Indiana — especially Lake County — just isn’t like the rest of the state. It takes its cues — in lifestyles, politics and everything else — from Chicago. What seems like extraordinary corruption to us is an accepted part of the ordinary culture to many Region politicians. If Lake County decides the presidency, we might as well start ordering the John McCain memorabilia right now, just to have something to remember him by.


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