Ball U

October 9, 2008

Ball State Unviersity has risent several spots on a national surven ranking sexual health:

Health educator Lisa Thomason said the representative asked Bullis if the university provided free contraceptives, if it had sexual health programs, including peer education, if it had a sexual health awareness week and if it provided checks for sexually transmitted diseases.

Thomason said Ball State’s best-known initiative is giving students free condoms. Students can choose from three brands and take five condoms a day at the Health Center.

Five a day?! I know I’ve lost a step or two since my BSU days, but good lord. Students who need five condoms a day don’t have time for much else. Or is there a little braggadocio going on? Maybe the school is just trying to live up to its name.


2 Responses to “Ball U”

  1. Bob G. Says:


    I don’t recall the military giving THAT many away…even if you DID have to keep your rilfe barrel free from muck!

    Testicle Tech…gotta love the innovation there.



  2. tim zank Says:

    My guess is the freshmen are filling ’em with water and throwing ’em off the roof. I mean, it IS Ball State….heh heh heh….Sorry Leo, couldn’t resist. Never pass up a straight line.

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