Early and often, continued

October 10, 2008

No, sir, we didn’t need that mean-spirited photo-ID provision for voters, which was just a nasty Republican plot to keep honest, hard-working, downtrodden Democratic voters from exercising their franchise:

In Lake County, 18,000 new voters have registered in the last two weeks, about 5,000 of them signed up by ACORN, said Ruthann Hoagland, of the county’s board of elections. As they started making verification calls on the ACORN registrations, employees found about half were false, she said. One was for a Mr. Johns Jimmy at the address of a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Crown Point. Some registrants were dead.

In Indianapolis, meanwhile, there are 644,197 people eligible to vote and 677,401registered to vote — 105 percent! Keep up the good work!

And here’s ACORN’S side of the story.


11 Responses to “Early and often, continued”

  1. tim zank Says:

    Why is it so hard for liberals to just follow the rules? Are they inherently dishonest? Is it learned or are they simply born dishonest?

    You’d think after decades and decades of being famous for fraudulent voting registrations and actual fraudulent voting, the Democratic Party would be shunned by anyone with a little common decency.

    It defies explanation.

  2. Doug Says:

    We’re really just in it for the terrorist-loving. The fraud is just kind of a bonus.

  3. Kevin Knuth Says:

    Marion County has 105% because they do not purge voters off the rolls like we do in Allen County.

    Their election board contends that the law is not clear, so there are a lot of folks on their books that shouldn’t be.

  4. Kevin Knuth Says:

    Geez Tim, “liberals” just took lessons from “conservatives” in 2004:

    “Another eyewitness has come forward with allegations of improprieties in voter registration. This witness says she worked directly for the Republican party.

    Unlike the allegations leveled earlier this week by another former field registrar, this source, Patricia Parker, does not claim to have seen registration forms torn up or tossed away. But she says she and others were told to do exactly that by their Republican employers.”



    I have more stories like this if you want them.

  5. tim zank Says:

    Oh Kevin, I never said it didn’t happen on both sides, it’s just that you guys have been famous for it for decades. Ever since the early days of the Chicago “machine” .

  6. tim zank Says:

    Also Kevin, 1 or 2 stories might be an overzealous ground crew, Indictments in 12 freakin states indicates a much bigger and organized problem.

  7. Kevin Knuth Says:


    You are correct. It well could be an “organized” problem. In Indiana, REPUBLICAN Secretary of State Rokita has already called it voter fraud…without evidence in hand or any votes taking place……speaks volumes!

    I ask, how can there be ANY fraud in Indiana? We have the photo ID law in place…

  8. Kevin Knuth Says:

    Darn, hit enter too soon…

    the “organized” problem is on the part of the GOP who are laying their groundwork to contest this election in court so that the Supreme Court can appoint another President.

    It is the only chance that they have, and they know it.

  9. tim zank Says:

    Kevin, why can’t you guys just call a spade a spade, jesus it gets tiring when all you guys do is whine. For christ’s sake, grow a pair and win an election on the merits, it ain’t that hard when you just tell the freakin’ truth. Wow, what a concept.

  10. Kevin Knuth Says:


    “jesus it gets tiring when all you guys do is whine.”

    Wow…..How did this post start? YOU WHERE WHINING! you had better re-read your first post in this thread.

    Oh, and we are winning this election on the merits.

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