Good riddance

October 10, 2008

The right sentence, self-administered:

An illegal immigrant serving five life terms for the strangling deaths of his wife, three young daughters and a neighborhood girl apparently took his own life Thursday by hanging himself, authorities said.

Simon Rios, 36, was found in his cell at the Pendleton Correctional Facility northeast of Indianapolis after midnight Thursday, prison spokesman David Barr said. Rios was pronounced dead about 40 minutes later after guards and medical personnel couldn’t revive him.

I’ve written before that I’ve gone back and forth on the death penalty, with ambivalence being more often present than not. Whenever I srart thinking we should just end it altogether, I wonder what we’d do about people such as Rios. His attorney said she was sad because, although he “did an evil thing,” he always expressed remorse. Prosecutor Karen Richards has the right response to that: Remorse doesn’t count for something as monstrous as what he did. He didn’t commit eveil. He was evil.


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