Your tax dollars . . .oh, never mind

October 16, 2008

The Local Government Efficiency Study Committee is pressuring the city and county to try again on a joing police facility, but nobody is having any of it:

Ft. Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and the three Allen County Commissioners said at the end of September that sharing space for police functions in the City-County Building would be too costly to taxpayers.

I really don’t get this. There are plenty of vacant buildings in this city, many of them not requiring major renovation. After looking at all the options, the only one city and county can come up with is one in which housing two similar operations in one building instead of two costs more? Man, that’s some hard work involved there.

In the meantime, a task force has been formed to decide what to do about Taylor University’s 14 buildings and 30 acres now that Taylor is ending its Fort Wayne undergraduate program.

“It would make an interesting location for a police department,” said Fort Wayne Police Chief Rusty York. “Right now, all of our options are open with a search for a new home.”

Interesting? OK, I guess. But that location is not close to downtown, not in a major crime area (thank goodness!), not near any of the other organizations the police have to deal with. Besides, I’d like to see a shopping complex there with all the stores the south side doesn’t have now. Then we can tear it all down in five years and move the baseball stadium there.


One Response to “Your tax dollars . . .oh, never mind”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Leo, you just might be onto something here….Turn Taylor Univ into LOW-INCOME HOUSING!!!
    And everything IS a bit closer to downtown than being “way down here”…ask ANY criminal.
    Sort of closer to the ball park, kind of closer to the JAIL…perhaps a tad closer to everything those people might actually have USE of…LOL!

    That would at least “tone down” the trouble we currently “enjoy” down here.

    You say we NEED shopping down here???
    Oh,’re right…we USED TO HAVE shopping down here…I vaguely recall that.



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