A real stinker

October 20, 2008

The headline on columnist Bob Kravitz’s take on the Colt’s game says it all: “A game so putrid even the unflappable coach got angry”:

And notable because these kinds of games just don’t happen to the Colts. This team has won 12 games or more five seasons in a row. Now they have three losses. And it’s hard to escape the nagging feeling that there’s something dramatically wrong with this group that can’t or won’t be fixed in due time.

They are almost — what’s the word? — unrecognizable.

Man, did they stink in about every way it is possible to stink. So now we have this team that had it’s one shining moment and has been sinking ever since. Based on that shining moment, they got themselves a brand-new gigantic stadium at taxpayer expense. Think they’ll keep it filled?


One Response to “A real stinker”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Stink…Stank…Stunk…you name it, they did it.

    Never saw a team YET that wins it all and keeps right on winning in whatever new stadium was built.
    Just haven’t seen it yet.

    I will say this about winning teams and brand new stadiums…they go together about as well as a vintage bottle of “Annie Green Springs Ripple” & a perferctly cooked-to-order Chateau Brione…!

    And that’s WHY Ft. Wayne “needs” OUR new stadium…
    (too much ripple)



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