Deadbeat dead end

October 21, 2008

I love ya, Mitch, but this is one of the silliest responses to a serious problem I’ve ever seen:

INDIANAPOLIS | Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter joined Gov. Mitch Daniels Monday to announce plans to begin suspending the fishing and hunting licenses of child support deadbeats.

Prosecutors in eight of Indiana’s most populous counties, including Lake, plan to send warning letters this week to more than 4,000 non-custodial parents who owe at least $25,000 and haven’t made child-support payments for at least a year. License suspension proceedings will begin against those who don’t respond within 60 days.

I care so little about the dependent human beings I’m responsible for that I let $25,000 that should go for their care pile up, but I’m gonna worry that I might be hunting or fishing without a license? I know that throwing th deadbeats in jail where they belong might be counterproductive, but, really, can’t we do better than this? How about a little public humiliation, like threatening to put their photos on billboards?


One Response to “Deadbeat dead end”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Man, I can HEAR the laughter (from lake County) all the way BACK HERE!
    (and I thought it was a gaggle of geese heading south)

    Billboard photos are good…
    I (personally) prefer the PUBLIC DUNKING STOOL…and with winter coming, that WOULD be fun to watch!


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