The cookie crumbles

October 21, 2008


If you like your Archway cookies, better get them fast — that is, if it’s not too late.

A sign in the cookie aisle at the North Anthony Scott’s Foods on Monday said, “Effective immediately, Archway and Mother’s cookies has closed and stopped operations.”

 [. . .]

A message left at the company’s headquarters in Battle Creek, Mich., wasn’t returned, and a woman who answered the phone at the Ashland, Ohio, plant today said it had closed. A news release issued by the company, Archway & Mother’s Cookie Co., said it has filed bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and has discontinued U.S. manufacturing operations. The company also sold products under the Mother’s Cake & Cookie Co. subsidiary. The company’s Canadian plant was not affected by the bankruptcy.

While other folks were snapping up fancy cookies, I stuck with the soft and chewy Archways. Nothing better than raspberry-filled cookies and a cold glass of milk. Stories I’ve seen elsewhere said the company was done in by rising fuel and ingredient prices. Another victim of the failed Bush policies!


3 Responses to “The cookie crumbles”

  1. Larry Morris Says:

    Now, that’s a loss – yes I was thinking of those exact cookies, the raspberry-filled, a couple of days ago. Is the Sunbeam bread place still open close to downtown ? I remember the last time I was in Ft Wayne, the smell of baking bread when I drove in that direction.

  2. Leo Morris Says:

    Still smells good.

  3. Bob G> Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me!

    Christmas WITHOUT my “Almond Nougats” and “Snickerdoodles”?

    How heinous in execution, how deleterious in design!

    ‘m with you 100% on the raspberry/strawberry-filled oatmeals.

    Lookie, lookie, lookie…(no more) Archway cookie!

    (doesn’t have the same RING to it).



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