Happy days!

October 24, 2008

Ah, the “anti-Christmas, let’s not make anybody feel left out” season is starting earlier every year, isn’t it?

PATCHOGUE, N.Y. (AP) — A famed fireworks company is pulling out of a holiday boat parade because “Christmas” was dropped from the event’s name.

Fireworks by Grucci won’t lend its sparkle to Patchogue’s Nov. 23 parade — decorated yachts on the Patchogue River — because the organizers have renamed it the Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade. It was the Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade last year, when the Grucci company donated $5,000 worth of fireworks.

[. . .]

Organizers in the Long Island town said the parade has had several names over its roughly 15-year existence. The name was changed again this year after complaints that the use of “Christmas” seemed to make the parade less inclusive.

The Christmas-Is-Exclusionary season used to start right after the Native-Americans-Hate-Thanksgiving season, and here it is already this year, and we haven’t even celebrated the Halloween-Offends-Christians season yet.


5 Responses to “Happy days!”

  1. Doug Says:

    Seems like the War on the War on Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year.

  2. Bob G,. Says:

    Got my OWN names for the “seasons”..

    Hallowe’en :
    The Great Beg-A-Thon
    (and stay off my lawn)

    The Great Glut-A-Thon
    (pass the Pepto)

    The Great Gift-A-Thon
    (so, where’s MINE, huh?)

    Actually, I don’t “do” hallowe’en (and you’ll see why in an upcoming post), I COOK everything for Thanksgiving and haven’t lost a soul yet, and I do honestly like CHristmas, even though I DETEST the electronic “challenges” that accompany it (lights that don’t work, decorations by the bazillion), and I cook for that too.

    Its New Years EVE I REALLY hate (another year older).
    PUH-LENTY of illegal guns (of all calibers) going off ALL around our house, and NEVER any POLICE around to catch them.
    (note to self: look for holiday “sales” for level III body armor and PAS/G headgear).

    And THEN there’s Hannukah…

    Yeah…curmudgeon to the last.
    That’s me…lol.


  3. Steve T. Says:

    There is an old movie quotation that identifies a common, built-in solution within every rant of an anti-American-tradition fringe dweller:

    “Let him rave on, that men may know him mad.”

  4. Jon Olinger Says:

    Let’s not forget the worst offender of them all…..

    Columbus Day…

  5. Bob G. Says:

    I thought that was LEIF ERICKSON DAY???


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