Pick one

October 30, 2008

When they came for those who made $250,00 a year, I remained silent; I make so much less than that.  When they zeroed in on those who made $125,000, I remained silent; that’s still rich by my standards. When they finally came for me, what could I say? That I knew they were drawing a line, but I’m shocked, shocked, that they moved it to me?

“What we’re saying is, that $87 billion tax break doesn’t need to go to people making an average of $1.4 million,” Biden said.

“It should go to middle-class people, people who make $150,000 a year.”

Actually, Barack Obama has promised to cut taxes on households earning less than $200,000 a year while raising taxes on those who make more than $250,000 annually.

You wanna defend this, you have two choices: 1)  Biden is just being Biden again, showing why he is the worst vice presidential choice in modern history or, 2) He’s inadvertently revealed the truth of what Obama’s “spread the wealth” slip really means.


2 Responses to “Pick one”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Leo, you should have added one more choice:

    3) BOTH of the above

    That’ll work just fine.


  2. MichaelK Says:

    Sounds like he’s picking a number out of the range.

    If he said “$150,000 OR LESS” it would become a limiter.

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