October 31, 2008

I say stuff here just to say stuff, then other people say stuff, and we have a real good time. But this is just blogging, which doesn’t amount to much in the long run. People who are running for governor shouldn’t say stuff just to say stuff, and too often that seems like what Jill Long Thompson is doing. Like here:

Daniels’ Democratic challenger, Jill Long Thompson, however, said Hoosiers should be able to choose whether they want to follow daylight saving time.

“There are two issues with regards to this issue. Daylight saving time and the time zone. Jill’s stance on this issue is that she believes there should be a non-binding, statewide referendum so that Hoosier voters can make their voices heard on this issue,” said Jason Tomcsi, Thompson’s press secretary. “The goal should be to have as many counties on the same time in a way that makes sense to Hoosiers.”

Hoosiers should be able to choose whether to follow DST by participating in a non-binding referendum? On the same time in a way that makes sense to Hoosiers? That makes no sense.

Sunday is the day, by the way. Fall Back, troops!


2 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    …And for those of you with the blinking “12:00:00” on their devices…never mind.
    You’ve already got it covered…!


  2. tim zank Says:

    I have long felt the DST issue is probably one of the stoopidest things ever in life to lose sleep over. (no pun intended)

    Seriously, is everyone’s life so worthless and shallow we have nothing more substantial to bitch about??

    Good God, call me when it’s 11:00, or 12:00 or…….well you get the picture…

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