Deep sixed

November 5, 2008

Issue 6 was defeated in Ohio, which means no casino for them! Now, Buckeyes will have to keep coming here to foolishly throw away their hard-earned money. If you’ve been watching TV lately, you’ve seen the pro- and anti- Issue 6 ads that spilled over into our market, so this will come as no surprise:

Issue 6 was mostly a struggle between two large casino developers: Lakes Entertainment Inc., the Minnesota company that would have had an 80 percent stake in the casino, and Penn National Gaming Inc. of Pennsylvania, whose Argosy Casino in Indiana near Cincinnati would have lost business to the new casino.

Kinda funny, those ads, two big casino outfits spending millions of dollars to win the hearts and minds of Ohioans. If you’d offered to bet me 20 years ago that Indiana would be the state with wall-to-wall casinos and Ohio would be the state whose residents voted down gambling measures four times in a row, well, I’d have dared you go go double or nothing.


One Response to “Deep sixed”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Vegas can give you 8:5 on that…any day.

    (put me in for $20…the HARD way)

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