Throw-away-the-key time

November 7, 2008

Just plain sick:

Bailey was wanted for the abduction and sexual assault of a 29-year-old Amish man that occurred before midnight April 26 near Topeka, about 35 miles northwest of Fort Wayne. He’s accused of tackling the victim and taking him at knifepoint to a secluded area, where he attacked the victim.

The victim told investigators that Bailey told him he had been looking for an Amish girl, but the man “would have to do.”

Gotta sexually assault somebody, just in the mood,  you know? Hey, you, you’ll do.

This is the type of sexual offender who will get out and have to register for life and won’t be able to live near schools and will go to court and sue when he’s told he can’t go into a park. Life with no possibility of parole would be a better option. Some people just have no business being allowed to be free. Anybody really think he’ll ever change and not be a threat?


One Response to “Throw-away-the-key time”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    In a word…nope!

    And find the deepest, darkest pit to toss that refuse into, while you’re at it.


    (and in prison, he’ll find out that PAYBACKS really ARE a “bitch”, as he will soon become one.)

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