Millions and change

November 10, 2008

Oh, yeah, this is just the attitude we need to get the country back on the right track:

Hey, President-elect Obama, Northwest Indiana calling with a few favors.

After all, you rolled up a 76,000-vote plurality in Lake and Porter counties and took Indiana by just 26,163 votes.

[. . .]

But seriously … Might Northwest Indiana fare well now that Chicago’s favorite son is the most powerful man in the world?

Gary Mayor Rudy Clay hopes so.

Gimme, gimme, gimme. Gary should have to demonstrate, at a minimum, why millions in federal dollars will have a different result from that of the millions already spent there.


One Response to “Millions and change”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Good call, Leo.

    “Rubber meet road…road, rubber”.

    Ought to be nothing, if not interesting.


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