Drop-it time

November 11, 2008

Indiana legislators are still going around in circles over illegal immigrants:

A panel of lawmakers studying illegal Immigration couldn’t agree on major legislation to propose in the upcoming legislative session. The group couldn’t agree on a more minor bill, either, and barely approved a report outlining its previous meetings.

The committee’s disagreements are a sign that Immigration bills proposed during the 2009 session could again spur impassioned speeches, political maneuvering and long hours of committee meetings — with no guarantee of a resolution.

Given how tough budgeting is going to be with the declining economy, maybe this issue is one the General Assembly should put off or just drop. It’s probably moot anyway, don’t you think? Barack Obama is clearly on record to give illegal immigrants a “path to citizenship,” and he has a willing Congress. Look for “comprehensive immigration reform” early in Obama’s first year, which will be just like it was the last time around. Everybody already here will get a free pass, there will be “tough” measures to prevent anybody else from coming that will be immediately ignored, and in a few years we will have twice or three times the problem.


2 Responses to “Drop-it time”

  1. tim zank Says:

    Sad to say Leo, that pretty much sums it up! I hate to think we just throw up our hands on this one, but with Dems in charge of the whole shebang, it’s basically the “fog on the mirror” test for citizenship. (i.e. if you’re breathin’ your now a citizen) So crank up the presses for more voter registration cards (in spanish of course) and open the doors wide at the BMV, it’s gonna be a long line.

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