Don’t need yer stinkin’ edjemuhcation

November 20, 2008

Even if they don’t go to jail over the truancy, these parents probably deserve a little time for sheer stupidity:

A rural Richmond couple is facing a possible jail term for refusing to obey state truancy laws.

The case involves the alleged failure of Eli and Stephanie Collins, 3398 N. Salisbury Road, No. 44, to make their child go to school.

[. . .]

The child enrolled Aug. 19 and was withdrawn Oct. 3. In that time the child was absent 12 days. Further investigation revealed that the child had 87½ days of absence during two years in the Richmond Community Schools system and was tardy 60 times, according to the affidavit of probable cause in the case.

During a four-year period, the child changed schools 15 times, the affidavit said.

Indiana’s laws on home schooling are so lax and forgiving that we might as well not have any. All this couple had to do was inform the superintendent that they were home schooling their child. Then they could have done whatever they wanted to, or nothing at all. It seems almost unfair to punish them.

We don’t need home-schooling laws as strict and unreasonable as those in a few states, but they could use some tightening. But most of the home schoolers I know — and they range from the political left to the right — are very conscientious about their children’s education. So maybe I’m advocating a solution in search of a problem.


One Response to “Don’t need yer stinkin’ edjemuhcation”

  1. sjm0052 Says:

    KY We are the state that said No child would be left behind! So can some please make me understand why a child can be withdrawn from public school, and be placed in a home school and taught by a parent that has an GED, and works from 8am to 530 pm the time in which school is in place. Then the father goes to court and ask the judge to let him make sure his child is getting an education and he bowled off like an piece of trash, That has no part in his Childs life even though he pays child support and cant get the ex wife to let him see his child with out going through a big bunch and unnecessary bull. Then when his child is 18 teen you finally get to start some what of a relationship only to find out he was homeschooled in some bogus made up school of his moms, then to find out that you child never went pass the 6th grade. HOW CAN this happen? Why is it happening?
    My Childs life has been a living crap because of two women the family judge and their mothers. Why was no one checking up on them, I though every child had to attend school, and if they did not the parent would go to jail or be fined? You really need to change the way this is do for all the kids who are not given the chance to learn and grow. Please give me a good explanation on how this can happen.

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